Sunday, 4 September 2011

Time Team at King John's Palace 1

In the heart of medieval Sherwood Forest lies King John's Palace, a royal hunting lodge. This royal palace was situated alongside the royal deer park of Clipstone.

All 8 Kings from Henry II, Richard I and John through to Richard II visted the palace with a number of parliaments being held there.

A Geophysical Resistance survey of King John's Palace , Clipstone, Nottinghamshire was undertaken in 2010 by Andy Gaunt (now of Community Archaeology Company Mercian Archaeological Services CIC).
This subsurface survey of the Medieval royal hunting palace in the heart of Sherwood Forest discovered the medieval boundary of the royal hunting lodge.

As previously stated this survey and the work undertaken alongside it led to Channel Four's Time Team excavating at the site!

The boundary ditch was excavated as part of the programme. The video below is a time lapse of that excavation (Andy Gaunt (now of Mercian Archaeological Services CIC is in the blue hooded top with the blue hard hat).

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