Saturday, 10 September 2011

Robin Hood Interview BBC

In May 2010 Ridley Scotts Robin Hood film was released. It was claimed it would be the most historically accurate version of the legend ever.

Interest in Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest was high, and so the BBC sent a camera crew to Sherwood Forest to interview the author on BBC Breakfast News.

Click on the image below to see the interview

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  1. I worked on this film, it was great fun to do. As for it being authentic, really, you only got to look at it to see that that is not the case.
    Any film, documentary or television series are great to keep the legend alive, but, as for any of them being historically accurate. I am yet to see one that comes close to the truth.
    I have been studying the history behind the ballads for over thirty years and I can still not point to any one person who is the Robin Hood. No this film is based on nothing more than another ballad and is nowhere near the truth.