Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thynghowe- ancient meeting place

In the heart of medieval Sherwood Forest on the edge of the ancient crown woodland of Birklands is a hill and mound marking the boundary of 3 parishes. This hill is now called Hanger Hill, but its ancient name was Thynghowe.

The name of the site indicates its former use as a meeting site either for the parishes upon which it bounds, or for a wider regional scale.

The derivation of Thynghowe is þing haugr, meaning ‘hill of assembly or meeting place’. (EPNS 1940). “þ” is the Saxon letter thorn pronounced “th”. 

The site could have very ancient origins indeed. The name is of Viking origin, and the site may have occupied an older mound still. 

Thynghowe sits in a remote location that could have been an important meeting point way back into pre-history.

For more information see the Friends of Thynghowe group.


  1. Hi Andy,
    A couple of our members have taken your report to Thingviller in Iceland to compare notes. Will let you have their thoughts on Budby.

  2. Fantastic Stuart-I hope they all had a great visit.

    I hope things are going ok with the English Heritage aplication.

    What did opeople think about the Budby stuff then?