Monday, 25 July 2011

Forest of Nottingham & the Forest of Clay

In the reigns of Henry II (1154-1189), Richard I (1189-1199) and John (1199-1216) all of Nottinghamshire north and west of the River Trent were under Forest Law.

The name Sherwood Forest was not used in the records to refer to this area.

The area to the west on the Sherwood Sandstones and Magnesian Limestones including the town of Nottingham itself was known as the 'Forest of Nottingham'.

The area in the east on the heavy clays of the Mercia Mudstones was known as the 'Forest of Clay'.  The clay lands of Nottinghamshire were renowned by locals and travellers in the medieval period. The name for this distinct area still survives in the name of the town 'Tuxford in the Clay' 

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