Monday, 25 July 2011

Laxton Castle

Laxton Castle was the principal seat or Caput of the De Caux and D'Everingham families during the Medieval period when they were keepers of Sherwood Forest.

It was from this castle that the adminstration of Sherwood Forest was undertaken. 

The Keepers of Sherwood Forest  employed the Foresters who upheld the Forest Law and acted as the police force of the forest (see Forest Law page).

For more information on Laxton Castle please see the following website:

The university of Birmingham Institute for Archaeology and Antiquity (IAA) and the University of Nottingham have been undertaking a topographic survey and geophysical survey of the castle site for a number of years now and the website relates some of their findings.

The photo left is from the website and shows the author (andy gaunt- in green) helping (hands in pockets) at one of the geophysical surveys in 2006 ran by Mark Kincey (right) of Birmingham University Archaeology Unit and IAA

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