Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Crowdfunding the Sherwood Forest Archaeology project

The Future of Sherwood's Past! 

Promoting the heritage of Sherwood Forest through community involvement.

This is the first time Community Archaeology has been supported by crowdfunding in Sherwood Forest!

Sherwood Forest is a place of myths and legends known throughout the world as the home of Robin Hood...

The Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project enables people from all walks of life to become involved in an amazing community archaeology project...

Mercian Archaeological Services as a Community Interest Company provides opportunities for different groups and individuals to experience their Local Heritage together... the Project will engage volunteers from all walks of life and ages...  including young people,those currently out of work desiring transferable skills, students needing experience, adults with learning difficulties, through to people wanting to have a go and people wishing to fulfill a lifes abmition...  in this landscape of legends and folklore... all overseen by professional community archaeologists.

Community Archaeology can be a great source of social good as well as education.

The project combines community archaeology, research and outreach work- that promotes the archaeology, history and heritage of the wider Sherwood Forest, its landscape and people.

This research is intrinsically linked to raising the profile and value of the wider Sherwood Forest area.

Like our fabled Robin Hood this project seeks to help the community- but unlike our popular hero we seek funding from willing donators!

All donations will go to fund archaeological research and investigations, allowing the public to gain FREE opportunities to be involved and learn; within the very heart of Sherwood Forest!

Please see our websites for more information about Mercian Archaeological Services CIC, the history of Sherwood Forest, and our work:

Mercian Website:
Mercian Facebook:

As a reward for donating- all funders will have their name in the archaeological reports that their donations directly fund- unless they request anonymity.


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